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Engraving & Marking

Engraving and Laser Marking

Paragon uses computer-controlled and manual machines for engraving nameplates and components including bulky, difficult objects such as trophies and large machined parts.

Laser marking is a highly accurate method of placing a permanent mark to a specified area of a product. This allows for intricate and delicate components to be marked without damage or distortion.

All our lasers are computer controlled, ensuring a high quality, cost effective permanent and repeatable part number, logo or serial number to be easily applied to your finished product.

Why Choose Paragon?

As one of the UK’s leading precision engineering companies we offer a complete service from prototype to fabrication.

Our skilled team are experienced in working with a wide range of materials and to exacting specifications.

For more than 20 years we have provided exceptional quality and service to companies in a wide range of markets.

For more information on Paragon’s fabrication facility, call us on 01353 662 244 or email